Investment Philosophy

As the capital markets become more and more difficult to navigate investors are forced to pay extremely close attention to what it is they are investing in, not to mention the true value of the investment itself.  Phillips Ray believes fully and completely in its ability to identify and take advantage of opportunities in the markets today and has been applying this ability for more than six years with demonstrable success (formerly as BMP Capital Management).  The firm considers itself to be opportunistic in its investment approach.  With considerable due diligence, great opportunities can be identified and exploited in the capital markets today if the investor can be comfortable with his or her determination of the true underlying value of the asset.  Achieving this comfort level for our clients is what we strive to do.

  • WE ARE opportunistic value managers building portfolios that strive to achieve superior absolute returns. Our decisions are based on valuation screenings, assessment of current market trends, frequent monitoring of market conditions, and analysis of portfolio positions and security holdings.
  • WE ARE NOT momentum investors, industry or sector specific, or biased in matters relating to financial products.

Investment Values 

It goes without saying that every asset in this world has its “ideal” price point, a concept that takes into account many factors such as supply, demand, need, geography, time held, etc.  The same is true of the stock price of all public companies.  While a particularly successful company might sound like a great stock to buy, this does not mean that it’s an ideal stock to buy “at that time” for a number of reasons.  We know that this might sound sophomoric but it is important to communicate nonetheless as it is at the core of our investment philosophy.  We believe that in the capital markets today investors are often overly focused on what companies they should own regardless of the price they must pay to do so. 

At Phillips Ray we are consistently searching out those opportunities which offer what we believe to be great companies at low prices.  Of course this is not an easy process and at times can be subjective, however this analysis and evaluation is in our opinion the best and most effective way to properly value the company in question.

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